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Payment methods

While placing an order online,you can choose among several payment methods:


We only accept euro cheques debited on a french bank account. Minimise the postal delay by using an express carier.
Visit our contact page for further details. Cheques have to be payable to TBS INTERNET.

Average validation time: delivery time + 24h tops (on business days)

Purchase order and public sector payment order

For a unique certificate purchase, fill in the form entirely (except for the CSR that is optional). In the quote area of the billing part, select your payment conditions.

You will receive a proposition that will allow you to fill in your purchase order.

Internaly validate this document. We will process your order at the reception of the signed and agreed proposition. The bill will be sent to your accounting department.

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Bank transfer

Great Britain pounds invoices can be paid by bank transfer. To do so, use the bank account details displayed on your invoice and specify the reference number written on the motif area.

Average validation time: bank time (from 3 to 10 business days).

SEPA or SWIFT international transfer

We do accept interbank transfers if you support all the bank fees related to the transaction. Use one of our bank account details for the transfer and specify the reference number written on the motif area of your invoice.

Important: Choose the beneficiary account according to the invoice's currency.

Average validation time: bank time (from 3 to 10 business days).

Credit card

Fill in the order form and select 'credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)' among the payment methods suggested.
Fill in your credit card information in the dialogue box.

Credit card accepted:

Credit card Payment: Visa, Mastercard or American Express

Visa, Mastercard and your bank could add some application fees at our debit (contact your bank for more details).

Average validation time: 24h tops (on business days).

Important: No matter the payment facility selected while ordering your certificate, it can, at any time, be paid by credit card. To do so, go on your certificate's status page and click on the button "Place a credit card payment".

the 3d secure system

3D secure is a system provided by some banks to enhance the security of credit card online payment. 2 possible scenarii can be seen:

  • The ecommerce owner requests an automatic verification by 3D secure for each transaction
  • The credit card of the webuser dispose of the system

In practical terms, if the 3D secure system is on, the webuser, after having provided his credit card information, is redirected to his bank website in order to identify himself as the real owner of the card. Once the owner identified, the payment process can be normally ended.

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